Herbal Extracts

Leading Quality Herbal Extracts Manufacturers

Tengda Bio-tech co., Limited is among the leading Chinese herbal extracts manufacturers. We are a renowned brand in China and globally and we are based in Shaanxi, China.

For over a decade, Tengda has been offering the finest China Herbal extracts that show the full-spectrum of the genuine plant. We want to give utmost care for ensuring brand commitment and customer satisfaction. We pay attention to details to provide our products with market competitive prices.

Herbal is a word, which strongly provides a magical touch. It nourishes, nurtures, and nitrifies life. Intending to provide herbal extracts that extend the rich heritage of herbal extracts manufacturers remedies we enable healing. It is a flagship product of Tengda.

Apart from herbal extracts, we offer various products including peptides, steroid tablets, steroid oil injections, steroids raw powder, and HGH & HCG. You can visit the “Products” tab to know more about our offerings.

Our products are growing thick and fast and we now cover plant ingredients, China herbal extracts and reference substance. We aim to be one of the best provider of steroids and herbal products in both retail and wholesale markets globally for industrial and research purposes.

Reliable China Herbal Extracts Manufacturers

The fresh herbs (natural if available) are gathered from reliable and ethical extracts suppliers around the world. We use seamless processing techniques of extraction to manufacturing quality herbals. It is our firm belief that the herb extracts we provide massive potential regarding healing results.

To broaden our spheres, to explore new possibilities, to generate the combination of ancient technique with modern technology for human life’s betterment. To possess a global presence, we at Tengda Bio-tech co., Limited have been selling China Herbal extracts to reputed formulators in Chinese and global markets.

To give our customers good service, products are individually tested for Quality Control (QC) before the sale. QC makes us separate from other herbal extracts manufacturers. To help our customers and grow with them is more important. Top and reliable quality is guaranteed! Choose Tengda Bio-Tech Co., Ltd to get the best herbal and healthcare products to increase muscles or to lose weight.