General Terms and Conditions for Campus Admission You Need to Know

Everyone wants to get higher education in the best colleges. Each university has its own admission rules and procedures. However, there are general terms and conditions that apply to all colleges. Check out the explanation below!

Terms and Conditions for Campus Admission

Every college is looking for the best students with certain qualifications. Before registering, you need to know the conditions that must be met. You must have the following requirements before applying to university.

  1. High School Graduate

The requirement for admission to the university is that the applicant has graduated from high school. It will be better if you pass with good grades. Graduation must be proven by a diploma or certificate of graduation.

Generally, universities require the diploma to be legalized from the previous school. Therefore, make sure your school has published this document before applying to colleges.

  1. Identity Card

In addition to a certificate of graduation from high school, an identity card is a mandatory requirement for enrolling in college. Make sure you have an active identity card to make it easier during the registration process.

In addition to the identity card, prepare a family card and birth certificate. Also make sure the address on the identity card is correct according to your current address.

  1. Mandatory Documents

In addition to a diploma and identity card, you will also be asked to collect several mandatory documents as a condition for joining the student admission program. Some of them are police records, drug-free certificates, recommendation letters from influential people and others.

In addition, you will also be asked to include various certificates of proof of achievement that have been obtained at the previous level. Make sure all the requested documents are not missed.

  1. Paying Registration Fee

Generally, each university makes an application fee policy. This fee must be paid before the registration process in the amount according to the rules of each university. Usually, the registration announcement has written how much the fee must be paid and the payment procedure.

The more advanced a university is, the higher the entry or registration fee. You can prepare this fund by saving since you were in school. However, the registration fee is generally not as much as the tuition fee each semester.

  1. Following All Stages of the Test

There are several tests that prospective students must take at a university. The first test is administration. At this stage, you only need to fulfill all the registration procedures such as paying the registration fee, filling out complete biodata, collecting the required documents and letters and others.

Then, there is a second test called the academic ability test. Usually, applicants will be asked to work on questions consisting of verbal, numerical to reasoning. This test aims to measure a person’s intelligence. Then, the last test is the interview.

Those are some general terms and conditions when participating in the university admissions program. Make sure you prepare yourself well so that you can study at a quality college.


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