List of World College Scholarship Admissions in 2022

Want to study at the world’s best universities but don’t have enough money? Don’t worry because you can apply for a scholarship. There are several scholarship acceptances that are open in 2022. Check out the full explanation below!

Multiple Scholarship Admissions in World Universities 2022

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Apparently, there are many prestigious scholarships that you can take to study abroad. Here are some of them:

  1. British Council Scholarship

For those of you who want to study in the UK, you should take this one scholarship. The British Council Scholarship is one of the fully funded scholarships that will open in 2022. This scholarship applies to everyone in the world, not just UK citizens.

Not only for undergraduate studies, the British Scholarship is also for Masters and Doctoral studies. This scholarship not only eliminates tuition fees, but also provides other learning facilities.

  1. Michigan State University Scholarship

Scholarship admission at the next world university is Michigan State University Scholarship. Michigan is one of the most popular universities in the world for international students. This campus opens scholarships for the year 2022-2023.

Michigan State University Scholarship offers several scholarship components such as tuition fees, accommodation, study tours, health insurance, research and others. However, from one person to another can get an amount that is not the same depending on the condition of each individual.

  1. Fullbright Scholarship

Fullbright Scholarship is open for scholarship admission for the year 2023. This is a scholarship awarded by the United States to international students. Those who apply to universities in America can take this scholarship.

Fullbright Scholarship aims to strengthen relations between countries and cultures. This scholarship applies to 160 countries in the world. This program not only offers free tuition, but also other facilities such as visas, health insurance, textbooks and others.

  1. Malaysian Scholarship

The Melaysian Scholarship is one of the scholarship acceptance programs at the university which was opened in 2022. This scholarship is aimed at international students in the ASEAN region.

With this scholarship, you can enroll in some of Malaysia’s best universities. Among them are Universiti Malaya, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Universiti Utara Malaysia and others. The Malaysian Scholarship also prioritizes several fields such as Environmental Science, Engineering, Health, Economics and others.

  1. Qatar University Scholarship

As one of the best universities in the Middle East, Qatar University offers scholarships for all levels and all majors. However, this scholarship is only for those of you who register at QU.

There are two types of scholarships provided by QU, namely internal and external. External is specifically for students from abroad who are interested in studying at Qatar University. It includes tuition fees, textbooks, living expenses and others.

Those are some scholarship admission to study in world universities. Getting a scholarship to study abroad is not easy. You need to prepare a lot of things. However, nothing is impossible if humans try.

Prepare all the requirements needed, from language scores, transcripts, study plans, practice questions and other preparations. With determination, you will pass the scholarship admission and be able to study at your favorite university.

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