The Importance Of Bookkeeping For Business’s Financial Foundation

A good bookkeeping is vital part of business, regardless what type of business you are running. It is what builds your business’s financial foundation in which you really need to make any business decision. A good bookkeeping is what business owners can rely on because it is where you can get information in handy regarding to accurate and timely accounting records. Any critical business decision will be based on the output of accounting records. It is also why you need the right person to handle bookkeeping.


Who to hire? Bookkeeper or accountant?

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Keep in mind that both bookkeeper and accounting work to tasks related to your business’s financial system. However, they have different responsibilities to fulfill. A bookkeeper is not the same as accountant and you cannot task them with accounting tasks. Bookkeeper has to fulfill responsibility for the data entered into the accounting software. They are responsible for day-to-day transactions of business such as paying bills, invoicing, entering and categorizing expenses, etc.


Meanwhile, accountants are professionals who have more educational training than bookkeepers. They usually have a business degree. They have taken accounting courses on more in-depth financial management. Their responsibility is for account analysis as well as offer financial guidance. They also have the responsibility to give advice to business owner regarding your business.


If you need someone to handle bookkeeping only, then hire a bookkeeper. However, don’t expect them to do tasks of an accountant. If you have more complex business structure, consider hiring an accountant to give you more advanced guidance.


Consider hiring a bookkeeper

Hiring a bookkeeper can be beneficial especially if you cannot handle bookkeeping by yourself. Delegating the task to a professional bookkeeper can be a good decision to take. Make sure to hire qualified bookkeeper who is also familiar with the GAAP or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Hence, they are capable of entering your financial data with accuracy and reliability.


Hiring reliable, qualified  bookkeeper is important because the task of bookkeeping itself is vital. A mistake in bookkeeping can lead to major financial mistakes that can be too costly for your business to handle.


Where to find reliable bookkeeper

To get a good, reliable bookkeeper you can get referrals from your colleagues, your tax accountant, or any other network you have. Avoid picking the cheapest bookkeeper with belief that bookkeeping is simple task and strictly data entry. An error in bookkeeping can cause error to the financial reports.  Hence, hire qualified, knowledgeable bookkeeper to help set your business up for success.


Benefits of bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is essential part of running a business so you cannot just put it at the back burner. You won’t be able to run your business properly because any major business decision you make should be based the data and information you gain from bookkeeping. It is also the financial foundation of your business in which all your financial reports are generated accurately and timely. Good bookkeeping leads to accurate financial statement which you can use to make business decision.




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