Tips in Developing the Right Career

Planning a career should be done long before entering the world of work. Whether it’s done when you are in college or when you are in the middle of an internship. By doing this career preparation, later you will know where to go and how to achieve it.

But the problem here is that the majority of people often take this for granted, even though a career will be obtained with hard work and a balanced effort. Because here the design of a career is important, but surely some of you don’t know how to do it, so the following will provide an overview of how to develop the right career tips.

How to Arrange the Right Career Tips?

  1. Create Vision and Mission in Advance

The first step you need to take in building a career is to develop a vision and mission. Vision is a view of how you will be in the future. This vision can be formed through a dream that you later want to achieve.

To be able to determine the vision you can ask yourself what you really want and become goals in both the long and short term. This vision will later become a guide in determining the content that you will implement later.

  1. Know Yourself

The next tip is that you must know yourself, because here it is very influential on the development of potential. This is not only without knowing what you really like, but also understanding the things you don’t like.

In simple terms, you need to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. By knowing your weaknesses, you can find ways to overcome them and turn them into strengths. In addition to assessing yourself, you can also ask for help from friends, colleagues, relatives to provide their views on you objectively.

  1. To Improve Skills

In an effort to build a career you need hard skills and soft skills. You need to be able to balance the two in order to get the career future that you really hope for. You can also improve these hard skills by taking online courses, seminars or training to certifications that are relevant to the career you are pursuing.

Meanwhile, to develop a soft skill, you can challenge yourself by doing new things, gain experience by participating in various projects, activities that are useful for self-development and increase discussions with experts in their fields. You can even take leadership courses online and kickstart your career with the best of habits.

  1. Writing Achievements

The last tip is to write down your achievements. Not only limited to past achievements, you also need to choose the achievements that you have achieved today. Then you can do a review so that you can find out which strategies are working and which strategies are not.

Focus on the success you have achieved and try to maintain it. Make failure as a stepping stone to be able to go further. Write down everything you have achieved so that later you can be more motivated to achieve the career you really want.



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